The Red Barn, Holden, Massachusetts

About The Friends of the Red Barn

The Friends of the Red Barn, Incorporated, a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit organization, owns and maintains the historic Fairbanks barn on Shrewsbury Street in Holden, where it sponsors activities promoting an understanding of New England's agricultural past and encouraging the appreciation of nature, agriculture, and the interdependence of human life with the natural world.

Red Barn with Flowers

In 2000, the real estate developer, Clealand Blair, began his subdivision project next to the Red Barn. To preserve the barn and to comply with the open space requirement of his town-approved "cluster" subdivision, Mr. Blair transferred the barn and approximately seven surrounding acres, including a large portion of the pond behind the barn, to the Friends of the Red Barn.


The Friends of the Red Barn have carried out numerous projects to repair the barn and care for the grounds.

In May of 2008, preservation carpenter Tom Pettee replaced sills at the front and rear entrances of the barn and repaired damaged eaves.

Last summer, our first Red Barn Community Garden resulted in six flourishing garden plots planted and cared for by gardener-members.

Red Barn Community Garden

As part of an Eagle Scout project, Parker Callahan and members of Boy Scout Troop 185 have installed historical markers to display information about the Fairbanks farm, of which the Red Barn was a part, as well as about the grist mill and other industrial activities associated with the pond behind the barn.


In addition to caring for the barn itself, The Friends of the Red Barn invite the community to Farm Days that highlight our local agricultural heritage and farm life.

Red Barn Farm Day Red Barn Farm Day Sign Goat at Farm Day

We hope to offer even more fun and educational events and activities in the future.


Check out our News page for more information about exciting upcoming Red Barn events!